Thursday, May 20, 2010

Greetings again, squares and midwesterners.

Let me clear the air and the 800 lb gorilla in the room... Yes, it's been nearly five months.
When I last updated the iPad was just a rumor to speculate about and I was a fresh-faced college grad.

Though various endeavors have kept me from bringing you the kind of blog I would be proud of, I plan to return with new and fresh content (while also playing catch-up) and continue doing so from here on out.

Part of my absence can also be blamed on resisting running this blog as a tumblr-style content recycling aggregator. While I still prefer original content and writing, I have changed this attitude and will be bringing you Midwest Square(d) across both site platforms soon.

I leave you with a sharp quote from a Gawker post by Joe Coscarelli, and a pleasant piece of music and video by electronic artist Impactist.

"Aspiring to
write on the internet is like aspiring to shred on Guitar Hero. The best part of both is wearing your pajamas. The worst part is the tense shoulders."

Hello Neighbor Sampler from impactist on Vimeo.

The sweet sound of starting over.

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